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Apparently you can drift a Tesla Model S with the best of them

You’re technically not supposed to drift the Tesla Model S, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, as the following tyre-unfriendly YouTube video goes to show.

It is unclear where the video takes place, but we know it’s a Model S P85+ doing all the drifting, which means 416bhp and 443lb/ft of torque is being put to good use.

We also know bypassing all the clever electronic systems designed to stop you from having this much fun was achieved by accessing the car’s fuse box and then removing the fuses relating to the traction control and power steering.

The end result is a Model S capable of putting all power to the rear-wheels without interference and in an instant, which, as former drift champion Noboteru Taniguchi so aptly demonstrates, works wonders.

Compared with your usual drift car of choice like a Nissan 200SX or Nissan Skyline, the Model S is considerably heavier and less agile but it looks perfectly happy going sideways around the drift course in front of eager crowds.

The most amazing bit is the fact the only pollution coming from the Model S is all that burning rubber. Has drifting every been so ozone friendly? We think not.

Problem is, it’s not exactly a cheap car so that rules out most people (especially in its 691hp dual motor guise), plus it’s just a bit weird not having any engine noise. Whadya reckon?

Tesla Model S drifting video


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