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Aston Martin Cygnet V12 a possibility

The Aston Martin Cygnet city car has caught a lot of flack since it was first announced. Many were skeptical of Aston Martin’s motives for creating such a vehicle and whether it was deserving of the Aston Martin badge, based on the fact it is essentially a highly modified Toyota IQ.

Aston Martin has conducted a feasibility study into a V12-powered Cygnet.
Aston Martin has conducted a feasibility study into a V12-powered Cygnet.

Those naysayers may eat their words in the not too distant future, however, if recent rumours of a new V12-powered Cygnet turn out to be true. According to Autocar, Aston Martin has conducted a feasibility study looking into whether the 6-litre V12 from the company’s top of the range supercars could fit into the tiny Cygnet’s engine bay without taking a chainsaw to the thing.

The study also looked into what upgrades would be necessary in order to allow the Cygnet to handle the increase in horsepower, torque and weight, with a conclusion reached that the difficulties are “significant but not insurmountable.” Don’t expect the full 500+ horses to be available to this proposed Cygnet, however. If the company were loony enough to fit the massive V12, it would likely have to be detuned significantly to stop it ripping the car in half every time you tried to pull away from the lights.

It’s highly unlikely a V12-powered Cygnet will go on sale, especially in light of the fact that the car was created in order to help reduce CO2 emissions across the company’s fleet. That said, it could build a prototype model or a project car that could be sold in an extremely limited number – a bit like Nissan did with its Juke-R.

Whatever the case, there’s little doubt a V12-powered Cygnet would be far more desirable than the standard 1.3 litre engine-toting model we occasionally see pootling around rich suburbs of central London. Would you drive one? With any engine? Let us know in the comments below.


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