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Aston Martin DBC Concept is a real stunner

Check out this new Aston Martin. OK, so it’s not actually a real Aston – that would be silly – history has shown the company is unlikely to ever design something so radically different to its existing fleet, but it’s worthy of a damn good ogling all the same.

It is in fact the DBC Concept, designed by artist Samir Sadikhov. It doesn’t actually exist, except on Samir’s hard drive in the form of a 3D render, but it’s so stunning we thought we’d show our readers just how amazing, and radically different, Aston Martins could be if the company took a few more risks.

The DBC has plenty of recognisable Aston design cues; the familiar Aston front grille is firmly in place, minus the horizontal and rectangular slats, the rear haunches are as muscular as ever, the window graphic is pure One-77 and and the rear diffuser is as bonkers as you’d expect. However there are plenty of unique additions; the low front end and Rimac One-style rear end being particular highlights.

Clearly, there are plenty of styling decisions Aston Martin would take issue with. The DBC’s stubby bonnet wouldn’t allow anywhere near enough room for one of the company’s V8 or V12 engines. Such a design would dictate a mid-engined layout of the sort Aston Martin has never attempted.

Obviously, the DBC Concept will never see the light of day, but there’s no denying it’s still a thing of beauty. Head over to Samir’s website to see it in more detail or check out the images below.




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