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Attempt to jump bridge ends in spectacular failure

You know those movie moments where a car jumps from one side of the bridge to the other while it’s opening? Well, turns out the reality is much less impressive.

It is, in fact, about as far removed from the fantasy as you could possibly get as a 56-year-old man from the Netherlands found out to the detriment of his ego, body and car when he tried to cross the Bascule bridge while it was closing.

As you can see in the CCTV footage, the driver appears to hope his vehicle will somehow sprout wings and take off, but instead it slams into solid concrete, steel and other dense materials before dropping into the sea like a stone.

The silver wagon appears to sustain some major damage before it fills with water, while the driver apparently broke some ribs and suffered a punctured lung during his daring escape. Shortly after making it to the river’s edge he was taken away to hospital to be treated.

Given the security barrier was reportedly up during his attempt to jump a gap, we have to assume the driver was either a sandwich short of a picnic, in an unprecedented rush or simply watched too many James Bond movies as a kid.

Whichever reason you prefer, it’s pretty clear you should wait for a bridge to finish what it’s doing before driving over it or risk finding yourself on YouTube.

Retractable jump bridge epic fail video


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