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Audi connect wireless parking lets you pay for spaces automatically

Parking stubs and receipts could be a thing of the past if Audi gets its way. The company wants to make parking a lot easier by rolling out a new wireless car park payment system built into its cars.

Audi’s ‘connect wireless’ payment system automatically allocates drivers with a virtual ticket stub from the moment they pull up to the parking barrier at a car park, eliminating the need for motorists to roll down their windows and lean halfway out of their window to push a button.

Audi's new wireless payment system takes the hassle out of parking.
Audi’s new wireless payment system takes the hassle out of parking.

The system uses a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) transmitter — a wireless transponder mounted on the inside of the windscreen, which tells the barrier to open. Saying ‘open sesame’ for added effect is completely optional.

Payment is taken care of via a monthly Direct Debit payment, the amount for which depends on the number of times you park, so there’s no need to keep any receipts.

The system is currently being tested at the home of Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. Up to 13,000 test cars in the area are currently participating in the trial phase, with nine car parks and a total of 6,200 spaces owned by Ingolstadt Economic Development Agency providing the proving grounds.

At the moment only Audi AG employees who lease a car in the coming months will be able to partake in the test, but Audi says its connect wireless payment technology will be available to everyone by the end of 2013.
Audi hopes it can integrate the technology deep into its cars via the Audi connect infotainment system alongside the current satellite navigation.

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