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Audi demonstates how to get a perfect lap at Le Mans

Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen uses Forza 5 to explain how to get around the track in the quickest time.

Audi has released a video that outlines exactly how you can achieve a ‘perfect lap’ of the famous Le Mans circuit using the help of Xbox racing game Forza 5 and a commentary from 9-time Le Mans winner, Tom Kristensen.

Can you do better?
Can you do better?

The One Lap to Le Mans video shows a culmination of 30 Forza 5 gamers who took part in the video, over which Kristensen applies his wisdom on the correct racing line, modulating the brakes after the longest straight and the gear you should be in for the final chicane of the 8.5-mile Circuit de la Sarthe track in Maine, France.

It is fascinating stuff to see a video game and reality used to educate, especially when it is the most successful Le Mans driver doing the talking. There is, of course, a huge difference between a fast lap in the virtual world and one where a tiny mistake can mean game over.

The video coincides nicely with the start of the Le Mans 24 Hours race on June 14th, 2014. Practice sessions are currently underway.

As if to emphasise just how dangerous and gruelling Le Mans can be, one of Kristensen’s team partners, Loic Duval, crashed the No 1 Audi after getting into a fight with a concrete barrier. Luckily the Frenchman was okay, which is more than can be said for the mangled mass of metal and rubber that used to be a R18 E-Tron Quattro race car.

Keep scrolling down for the video and then fire up the Xbox to see if you can do better. Then hope Audi does a similar video for the Nürburgring, which was recently added to Forza 5.

Audi – One Lap to Le Mans with Tom Kristensen video


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