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Audi drivers are the worst at parking

Look away now if you drive an Audi and are sensitive about your ability behind the wheel — a survey has found Audi drivers are the biggest culprits when it comes to parking like morons. looked at 8,000 parked cars and factored in a per capital calculation of how many cars each manufacturer has on the road. According to the data, 24 per cent of Audi cars were found to be parked badly — almost one in four.

Mercedes drivers were also pretty poor in the parking department, racking up second place with 16.6 per cent of drivers unable to stick between lines. Third place went to Mazda with a score of 14.3 per cent, fourth to Lexus (11.5 per cent) and fifth to Jaguar (9.6 per cent). BMW came home in tenth place with a score of 7.6 per cent, suggesting not all owners of a prestige marquee are incapable of parking.

Land Rover cars was found to be the best performing brand in the parking stakes. Only 2.6 per cent of owners failed to park properly.

The worst offender in terms of a specific car model was the Vauxhall Vectra.

Colour was another factor investigated by the survey. Black cars were most often found to be parked badly with a score of 29.6 per cent. The next worst performing colour was silver (27 per cent), followed by blue (15.1 per cent), white (11.9 per cent) and red (5 per cent).

Surprisingly, it was small family cars that were most likely to suffer from inadequate parking (14.5 per cent) and not vans or superminis, suggesting that whining kids in the back do take the mind off the task of at hand. Although, that said, the estate came out smelling of roses with a low score of 4.4 per cent.

As with all surveys, the results must be taken with a pinch of salt, but next time you head out to your local car park, have a look around and let us know which marques tend to look as if they’ve been abandoned rather than parked.

Best parked cars by brands

1. Land Rover 2.6%

2. Rover 3.2%

3. Skoda 3.3%

4. Citroen 3.8%

5. Kia 3.9%

Worst parked car by brands

1. Audi 24%

2. Mercedes-Benz 16.6%

3. Mazda 13.5%

4. Lexus 11.5%

5. Jaguar 9.6%

6. Vauxhall 8.6%

7. Suzuki 8.3%

8. SEAT 8.1%

9. Ford 7.9%

10. BMW 7.6%

Best parked cars by class

1. Small Family Car 14.5%

2. Van 12.0%

3. Supermini 11.3%

4. Executive 8.2%

5. Large Family Car 8.2%

6. Compact 6.9%

7. 4×4 6.3%

8. Compact Executive 6.3%

9. Multi Purpose Vehicle 6.3%

10. Estate 4.4%

Source: RAC



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