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Audi Snow Sled shows off revolutionary no-wheel-drive system

With cold winter weather sweeping across the nation, most car makers are busy extolling the virtues of off-roaders with all-wheel-drive, but not Audi. The German giant has put its hyper-advanced quattro four-wheel-drive system to one side to develop a new model that features no-wheel-drive – the new Audi Snow Sledge.

Forget quattro, no-wheel-drive is where it's at. As long as you don't ever have to go up any hills.
Forget quattro, no-wheel-drive is where it’s at. As long as you don’t ever have to go up any hills.

The Audi Snow Sledge features the famous Audi rings, is finished in a dashing shade of silver, and is built from a lightweight synthetic material that can operate at temperatures as low as -20 degrees. There’s a chance it could work in far colder environments, but its lack of doors, windows or a heating system might cause its operator to freeze to death.

Creature comforts are few and far between on the Audi Snow Sledge, but you do get a pair of ‘ergonomic’ grips, an anatomical seat moulded to comfortably accommodate a wide variety of buttocks and rib profiling for enhanced slipperiness. It can be used by anyone from age 6 years of age and up, as long as they don’t weigh more than 100kg.

The Audi Snow Sledge is part of the Audi Collection, a range of Audi-branded merch that includes everything from model cars to golf clubs. It’s available to buy now, in time for Christmas (or whenever it snows) for £35. Have a look at this, and other Audi gumph at the Audi merchandise store.


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