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Audi ‘The Comeback’ advert features a T-rex in a self-driving car because it can

The internet is often guilty of hyperbole, but when we say Audi’s latest YouTube advert is madder than a bag of spiders we are being deadly serious. Whatever Audi is smoking, we want some.

The video focusses on a Tyrannosaurus Rex  that was once a star, but has since faded into obscurity and is now “a laughing stock”, as he puts it himself (obviously he can talk). Subsequently, he becomes a recluse and never leaves his rather stylish humble abode.

Luckily there is a happy ending to this story, which is the sort of one you would have if you had spent the evening experimenting with class A drugs. Having tried exercise, cooking and other ways to take his mind off being alone, the T-Rex eventually finds himself at an Audi garage.

You may think he bought an R8 V10 Plus, as that would certainly have raised his spirit, but instead he discovers Audi Piloted Driving, which is fitted to the Audi RS7 we saw racing around Hockenheim Ring without a driver back in 2014.

“One day, I’m walking along this road and there it is. Piloted driving. It’s quite hard to convey, the feelings that one has. Magic is the feeling I had. It’s absolute magic,” the T-Rex says while going for a spin in the self-driving Audi.

“It really completed me and I really got that sense of: I’m back” he added. Cue a mixture of thinking ‘what the hell did I just watch?’, bewilderment and amusement.

As to why a T-Rex was chosen as the star, is it because everyone loves them? Perhaps because his tiny arms would make driving impossible? Are, dare we say it, cats finally out of fashion? It is hard to say.

What we do know, however, is that the advert reminds the world Audi is serious about self-driving cars – even if the way in which the advert gets that message across is anything but. And with just about every manufacturer and their, erm, dinosaur looking into them, you can understand why.

Video: Audi ─ The Comeback


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