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Autosock Snow Socks are a cheap alternative to winter tyres

With the frigid spectre of winter looming, many of us will rely on extra pairs of socks to protect us from the elements. Most will do so to keep their own fleshy toes warm, but many clued up motorists will also turn to wooly footwear for their cars. 

Snow socks are a compelling alternative to expensive winter tyres.
Snow socks are a compelling alternative to expensive winter tyres.

Vauxhall aims to cash in on this trend and has started flogging its customers Autosock Snow Socks, special grip-increasing car socks that can help you keep your precious, griffin-sporting motor in one piece during the winter months.

Snow socks are, as the name suggests, fabric socks for your car’s wheels that provide more grip when driving through snow. Whereas tyre rubber tends to repel snow and ice, causing a loss of traction, snow sticks readily to fabric (just hurl a snowball at someone wearing a wooly jacket and you’ll see what we mean). This almost magnetic reaction causes a significant increase in grip levels, giving your car far more traction as it drives through the tundra.

Snow socks also provide additional traction by wicking, or drawing moisture, away from the snow, increasing grip levels further.

Snow socks aren’t quite as effective as proper winter tyres. They tend not to offer as much grip, can only be used at low speed and tend to disintegrate when used on standard tarmac. However they do come in handy for drivers who find themselves suddenly stuck after heavy, surprise snowfall, and can be fitted by hand in a matter of seconds.

Vauxhall is offering Autosock Snow Socks at all of its UK retailers, priced at £49.95.

“It’s often difficult to avoid driving on snow and ice during the winter months,” said Sophie Thomas, Vauxhall Accessories Manager. “For the journeys we have to make, whether it’s getting home from work or picking the kids up from school, Autosock Snow Socks provide extra grip that could make all the difference when the roads are slippery.”


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