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Batmobile Baby Stroller is the ultimate buggy

The time has come to ditch your generic buggy. There’s a new way to roll your offspring around in style – and it’s sure to strike fear into anyone at the nursery.

Holywood prop makers Super Fan Builds built a baby-friendly version of the ‘Tumbler’ for a father obsessed with the superhero and his young son, filming the entire process from a 3D model on a computer to an actual buggy.

A CNC router was used to cut the pieces drawn from a 3D model of the Batmobile, which featured in Christopher Nolan’s series of Batman films. Once assembled, the edges were sanded to help the black paint do its thing.

Tim Baker and his team then fixed the baby seat to the frame and finished off with various finishing neat touches, including suspension, windows and chunky wheels but sadly no missile launcher or afterburner.

Durability is a key aspect of the buggy, so although it wont be able to crash through walls, it will undoubtedly survive the perils of a particularly severe tantrum and all-manner of unwanted foods and liquids.

Quite how you get it on a train or in the car, we are unsure. What is certain, though, is the fact it will make people think you are the coolest parents – and probably the strongest, too, seeing as it’s made of steel.

Sadly you are unable to buy the Batmobile Baby Stroller, so you’ll either have to start building your own in the garage or settle for the Lego equivalent instead. Or save up US$1million.

On the off chance you want something more typical for your baby transportation needs, you could go for this one currently on eBay for £156,000.


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