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This awesome Batmobile Tumbler was once a golf cart

Golf cart customised to look like ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile sold on eBay but deposit not yet paid.

The most exciting golf cart ever created has been sold on eBay. Ray Griggs’ one-of-a-kind Tumbler Batmobile, built at the Warner Bros studio campus, recently fetched $17,500 (£10,700) at auction on eBay.

The Batmobile golf cart sold at auction for £10,700
The Batmobile golf cart sold at auction for £10,700

This badboy sports quad rear wheels, matte black pretend armour plating, and a jet booster (though we’re not entirely convinced that’s a working modification). The cart’s electric motor was replaced with a go-kart engine, giving this Tumbler wannabe a top speed of 40mph. That might not be the 5.7l Chevy V8 of the original vehicle, but it’ll be the fastest thing on the fairway. 

The interior is pretty swanky too. An iPad stand, lights and leather seats make this cart the hottest thing on six wheels.

While it won’t jump buildings and probably isn’t quite as well-armoured as the original Batmobile, it will certainly make you smile – even if you miss the birdie because you’re too busy doing donuts.

If you’d prefer a road-legal lifesized replica of the Tumbler, you’d better start saving your pennies, at $1 million a-piece, it makes the Batmobile golf cart the bargain of the year.


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