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Behold the flat packed ‘Ikea’ car you can build yourself

Italian design firm OSVehicle announce the Urban Tabby – an experimental vehicle that comes flat packed.

The Urban Tabby is a flat packed car that can be built into different configurations in less than an hour. The experimental vehicle, made by OSVehicle, can be built into basic two-seater configurations, with a choice of electric motors, hybrid technology or a more traditional combustion engine. 

You can also choose your own blueprints and designs, which are available on the company’s website. The basic underpinnings allow you to easily increase the seating capacity and alter body designs.

If you’re concerned you need the skills of a mechanic to put the vehicle together, then you needn’t worry anyone that’s sat in the middle of a pile of nuts, bolts and plywood after a visit to Ikea should be able to assemble it. 

So is it legal? Executives at OSVehicle say so, and also boast that the vehicle will reach speeds of around 55mph. An OSVehicle spokesperson said: “Tabby is the first open source framework for the creation vehicles. It has been defined as the ‘Ikea Car’ and is a versatile platform that can be used to bootstrap businesses, to create your own vehicle, for education purposes and much more.”

The OSVehicle can be ordered already completed for around £3,500 and comes ready-built either as a two-seater or four-seater vehicle. 

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