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Bentley and Vertu begin smartphone partnership

Vertu for Bentley smartphone will be landing in October as part of a five-year partnership.

Bentley makes luxury cars. Vertu makes luxury phones made from rare metals. Both companies are British. So it’s amazing the companies have only just decided to hook up as part of a five-year ‘exclusive’ smartphone collaboration.

Nobody mention the iPhone, okay?
Nobody mention the iPhone, okay?

Vertu’s first Bentley phone, which is expected to arrive in October 2014, will be ‘distinguished by the unparalleled design, craftsmanship, contemporary elegance, outstanding performance and integrated technology’. A further four phones are said to be on the cards.

Details of the phone are being kept under wraps. We do, however, know a smartphone app that provides Bentley owners access to related content and experiences will be released.

It is also unclear what the Bentley smartphone will use as its operating system. Our money is on Google’s Android, considering it was used in previous Vertu devices and that BlackBerry has been a little off the pace – to put it mildly – in recent times. Given Vertu’s history of making phones out of platinum and gold, we can safely assume whatever devices it unveils will cost a small fortune.

“Bentley’s new partnership with Vertu brings together two world-leading brands defined by their commitment to performance, luxury and customer experience. The collaboration expands Bentley’s luxury range into the cutting-edge world of mobile communications and offers customers a new way to experience the world of Bentley,” Bentley chairman and CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer said.

“We’re confident that the Vertu for Bentley phones will appeal to our mutual customers’ desire for sophistication, craftsmanship and precision engineering,” Vertu CEO Massimiliano Pogliani added.

Bentley is no stranger to luxury as its Home Furniture range comprised armchairs, chaise longues and sofas will attest. There’s even a £3,000 Bentley cologne that is presumably a potent concoction of Alcantara, cigar smoke and exhaust fumes.

Bentley recently unveiled the Continental GT3-R. This special edition version of the Continental can manage 0 to 62mph in 3.8 seconds.


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