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Biggest causes of arguing in the car revealed

We’ve probably all had an argument in the car at some stage in our lives, but have you ever considered the biggest causes?

According to a survey by audio specialist Harman, getting lost is the main ‘cargument’ culprit, with 33 per cent of those surveyed blaming it for the most car-based bust-ups.

Bad driving habits came in second place, with 22 per cent of the vote, while the length of journey was the main cause for 13 per cent of respondents. Meanwhile the music being played while driving came fourth, with 12 per cent of votes.

Rounding off the bickering list was too much noise (9 per cent), the driver being stubborn and refusing to ask for directions (6 per cent) and too many stops for a rest or the toilet (4 per cent), the survey of 1,568 drivers found.

Harman Lifestyle Audio Division vice-president Matt Visch said: “These results show just how stressful car journeys can be. However, many of the argument inciters identified in the poll can be helped with the latest in-car technology, driver aids and a good infotainment system.”

The research was revealed ahead of the bank holiday weekend, in which 14,000 million cars take to the road, according to the AA, and in the process cause traffic jams, long periods spent in the car and, therefore, more time to argue.

Fret not, though. Harman offered up some tips on how to keep arguing at bay on long journeys, including planning ahead so you know where the delays are likely to be, pre-deciding on where pit-stops will be taken and keeping tabs on traffic alerts.

It also suggested you should prepare entertainment for the children (aka hand them an iPhone or iPad with games) and packing snacks to stave off the nasty effects of being ‘hangry’ (anger caused by hunger).

Harman offers its own solution to the problem, as you might expect. Known as Individual Sound Zones (ISZ), the system uses highly directional speakers to allow different things to be played in each zone of the car, so the driver can be listening to satnav instructions while your youngest has the song from Frozen on repeat.


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