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Bike Mine wants to give thieves a very loud surprise

Bike and motorbike owners who dread the day they return to find their two-wheeled pride and joy gone could give thieves an explosive welcome to remember.

Bike Mine is described as the ‘world’s loudest alarm’ and ‘the ultimate deterrent’ for a bicycle, motorbike, boat or jet ski. It lives up to this name by deafening thieves with a 150db blast of sound.

The system uses a spring loaded trap and a small detonator linked to a trip-wire. If anyone attempts to move the bicycle, the wire causes the spring to do its thing and a very loud detonation is created, alerting everyone in the vicinity and hopefully scaring the thief away.

What makes Bike Mine different, as its creator Yannick Read explains, is the fact it tries to draw attention to the robbery as opposed to preventing it. This is because thieves who target a bike stored in a garage have all night to get through the lock, no matter how sophisticated or heavy duty.

It also uses an age-old system that will work come rain or shine and without the need for batteries. The detonator is apparently legal and safe to use so the boys in blue won’t have anything to complain about. Unless you jokingly set it off right next to them, of course.

Bike Mine is currently being funded as a Kickstarter project and so far it has raised £2,181 of its £15,000 goal, with 27 backers and 37 days to go at the time of writing.

Yannick is no stranger to loud things. He has two Guinness World Records to his name, one of which is for the world’s loudest bicycle horn.

Any invention that tries to stop thieves gets our seal of approval, but we can see a few issues with Bike Mine. What if, say, a passer-by simply wants to move the bike as it is obstructing their path?

Also, once the explosion has been triggered, what stops the thief from carrying the bike off anyway? It may wake you up in the dead of night but would you really make it downstairs and into the garage in time? Guess that depends how good your bike lock is.

There are two ways to purchase Bike Mine, either pledge £49 and get the basic kit or pledge £99 and get two Bike Mines with extra long titanium trip-wires and 10 detonators. Deliveries are expected in September, 2016.

Bike Mine Kickstarter video


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