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BJ Baldwin jumps over a Nissan GT-R in awesome new Monster video

Tired of waiting for the next installment of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series? Of course you are, but worry not because BJ Baldwin, another Monster energy drink-fuelled nutter, has popped up to deliver a jaw-dropping dose of reckless wheelmanship.

This time, the car of choice isn’t some panzy Ford Fiesta, but a souped-up trophy truck, which Baldwin hurtles at breakneck speed through the Las Vegas desert before proceding to – get this – jump over a Nissan GT-R.

All of that would be impressive enough, but Baldwin also manages to leap his hoonmobile over a female bystander at the same time, before doubling back to pick up the clearly impressed, completely inappropriately-dressed female. Once the pair are settled, Baldwin finds time to kick up an unhealthy-looking amount of dust at another unsuspecting, less appropriately-attired model, who we’re pretty sure will have suffered her fair share of desert rash.

The video ends with Baldwin taking his female passenger to a Las Vegas casino before the edit cuts back to a snappy montage showing yet more desert action.

There’s no use us talking about it – just click play on the video below and see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


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