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Blind man leads police along five-mile high speed chase

There are few things in life we love more than stupid criminals – except, perhaps, stupid criminals with even stupider excuses for committing their ridiculous crimes. Take 21-year-old Mulazum Hussain – a blind man that led police on a high-speed chase, got caught, then hopped into the passenger seat claiming he couldn’t possibly have been driving because of his lack of sight. Genius.

Sheffield Crown Court heard police spotted Hussain speeding in the early hours of the morning on the Parkway out of the city centre. When cops attempted to pull him over, he sped up to 85mph and drove through a number of red lights in an effort to evade capture

Unsurprisingly, the partially-sighted man didn’t do a particularly good job of evading police. Over the five-mile chase, he crashed into road furniture, drove over roundabouts and rammed into a police car. He was eventually apprehended when he was boxed in by a pair of patrol cars.

Immediately after being caught, Hussain had the cheek to hop into the passenger seat, telling officers it was his cousin that had been driving and it couldn’t possibly have been him because he was virtually blind.

Hussain eventually pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and driving with no insurance and was sentenced to nine months in jail.

Judge Jeremy Barnett said: “You pleaded guilty to the most awful piece of driving.

“It was highly dangerous, aggravated by you being only partially sighted.”

Via: AOL

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