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BMW Rapp concept makes Jaws look like Nemo

BMW has built its fair share of roadsters – the Z3, Z4, M – but none of those ever looked as mental as this. This absolute bastard of a concept is the BMW Rapp, a piece of automotive art dreamed up by designer Dejan Hristov as a tribute to BMW’s founding mechanical engineer, Karl Friedrich Rapp.

It's not real, sadly, but it IS awesome.
It’s not real, sadly, but it IS awesome.

According to Dejan, the BMW Rapp attempts to capture many of the most prominent design features seen on iconic BMW models over the years. But we’ll be damned if we can remember any Beemer with a kidney grille angled so far back, or with doors that open in reverse, or exhausts mounted so high on the rear bodywork.

We’re not complaining, though. The BMW Rapp is pure automotive porn — the sort you’d keep under lock and key in case people discovered it found out what a deviant you are. The front end, with its pointy, angular nose, is pure mako shark, as are its dead-eyed headlights and gill-like side grilles. And that paint job? Let’s just say if Bruce Wayne needed an eco-friendly alternative to the Tumbler, he could do a lot worse than this.

Sadly, BMW will never build this thing – mainly because it’s not the company’s design. But if any enterprising aftermarket modification companies are reading this, we suggest you knock up a Rapp-inspired Z4 bodykit pronto. There’s money to be made. Check out the pics below.

BMW Rapp concept pictures


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