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BMW X4 Concept leaked images hint at X3 replacement?

BMW’s range of X-models is already bursting at the seams but it seems as if the German car manufacturer thinks there is enough space for another — the BMW X4 Concept SUV.

Details on this potential new model are scarcer than a scarce thing at present, but leaked images suggest the X4 Concept may be some sort of strange mashup between the family-lugging X3 and the larger coupe-cum-SUV-cum-eyesore X6. That said, it also borrows bits from the X1, X5 and even the 3-Series, so it’s a real Frankenstein’s monster of a thing.

Truth be told, we’re not entirely sold on the look. While the 3 Series manages to improve the formula with aggressive lines, the X4 just seems confused.

So where does the X4 Concept fit in relation to other manufacturers? Well, in theory it could tackle the Nissan Jukes of this world but that BMW propeller badge will probably bump up the price into Range Rover Evoque territory.

With the cat out of the bag, we expect BMW will make more details available ahead of the Shanghai motor show. Keep your eyes peeled.

Source and images: Auto Express



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