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Boris Johnson calls for all diesel cars to be scrapped

It will undoubtedly anger many, but Boris Johnson has called for all diesel cars over a year old to be scrapped.  

The London Mayor has requested the Government pay owners between £1,000 and £2,000 in a national car scrapping scheme. Should a scheme of this nature go through, it would undoubtedly leave many drivers severely out of pocket as the most expensive diesel models cost in excess of £80,000.  

Borris tells MPs to scrap diesel cars
Borris tells MPs to scrap diesel cars

He made this call after recent research suggested diesel engines produce higher nitrogen oxide emissions and are more damaging to our health than petrol cars. 

Senior scientists have blamed diesel for directly causing the deaths of 7,000 people in Britain every year. 

Government car taxation is currently based on CO2 emissions, prompting a huge number of drivers to replace their petrol cars with their diesel counterparts. As a result, the proportion of diesel cars in the UK  astronomically rose to 50 per cent in 2012 – a huge increase from 12 per cent in 2000.  

Mr Johnson expressed his sympathy for those who were “seduced” into buying diesels in the false belief that they were more environmentally friendly, and understands they will be “very hacked off now they’re told they are more polluting.” 

However, he is clearly devoted to removing the presence of diesels in the capital. Back In July, he revealed plans for the lion’s share of diesel drivers to be charged an extra £10 to drive into Central London, as part of a new ultra-low emissions zone from 2020.  

Currently Britain is facing £300 million in fines from the European Commission, for its failure to meet strict nitrogen dioxide pollution targets which were expected to be met in January 2010. This has led other British cities to contemplate a similar charge, as they urgently look at ways to cut diesel fumes to comply with EU clean air rules 

Do you drive a diesel a car? If so what are your thoughts on this revelation and Boris’s answer to the problem? 


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