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Bosch app parks your car while you watch

Who needs to park when Bosch’s Automatic Park Assist will do it for you?

As cars adopt increasingly sophisticated technology, life becomes easier for the driver. Case in point: Bosch has been busy showing off an app that will park your car for you ─ whether you are inside or outside the vehicle.

Bosch Automatic Park Assist, revealed at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, uses 12 sensors located around the car to control the steering, accelerator and gears as it squeezes the vehicle into a space it has deemed large enough. All you have to do is connect the app via the built-in WiFi connectivity, press the on-screen button within the app and then wait patiently.

The Bosch app has a few practical benefits besides making life easy for nervous parkers. The app can roll a car forward remotely, for instance, in the event a car has parked too close or if your garage is a bit tight. No more knocking the paint off while you try to shimmy through a miniscule gap to get in.

Better still, Bosch Automatic Park Assist can actually scan for spaces that would accommodate your car as you drive along, saving the need to endlessly lap around your nearest multi-storey car park.

Bosch has done its best to make the process safe. The app will only self-park your car as long as you have your finger on the button. Take your finger off and the brakes are applied. If that isn’t a good reason for parents to have a pass code on their smartphone we don’t know what is.

The app and accompanying system are expected be available next year and will come pre-built into compatible vehicles. Currently the app works on iOS but we expect Android support will be a dead certainty considering its dominance in mobile.

Exactly which manufacturers will be adopting Automatic Park Assist is unclear. We’ve so far seen Audi demonstrating the same system with different branding at CES 2014 and Volvo was doing something similar back in the summer of 2013.

We gave the Audi Piloted Parking a go at CES 2014. Check that and Bosch’s demo video out below.



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