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Boy buys bin lorry on eBay using mum’s credit card

A boy obsessed with rubbish used his mother’s credit card to buy himself a real bin lorry.

A young boy bought himself a real bin lorry from eBay after his mother had left her computer logged in to the online auction site. 5-year-old William Bateman won the truck in an eBay auction for £3,500.

Upon finding her son had bought a fully-working waste disposal truck, mother Fleur contacted eBay in order to retract the bid. “I had to beg them to retract my bid when I was congratulated on my win on the site. I can laugh about it now but at the time I was so shocked and angry,” Fleur explained.

Rubbish-obsessed William dreams of growing up to be a recycling plant manager and enjoys watching the binmen in action outside his home each week. His mother said: “He’s just completely obsessed with rubbish and bin lorries – and he even managed to buy one for himself.”

William even lectures his parents and their friends about the importance of recycling and tells them off if they do not do it correctly. He told the Daily Mail: “I think it’s really important to recycle and put rubbish in the bin. I love all my bins and I know lots about it.”

His mother, who lives in Great Paxton of Cambridgeshire, has since written a book called Burt the Binman, which is due to go on sale in WH Smith.

William is far from being the first child to get himself into vehicle-related trouble. We covered a story on a Canadian 12-year-old who stole his grandmother’s car and attempted to cross the US border. There was also the 9-year-old who, with his father’s permission, took the family Ferrari F430 for a spin.

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