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Brabus Mercedes GLA 45 packs a 394bhp punch

German tuning legend Brabus has set to work on the GLA compact sports utility vehicle (SUV), giving us an even more savage version of the already nuts 45 AMG.

The Brabus PowerXtra CHI B45 tuning kit bumps up power from 360 to 400hp, while torque is improved from 450 to 500Nm (369ft/lb). As a result, 0 to 62mph takes 4.4 seconds – 0.4 seconds faster than the standard car. Top speed is also increased from the electronically limited 155mph to 168mph.

Brabus is also offering tuning kits for the rest of the GLA range, including the PowerXtra B25 for the GLA 250. A ‘plug and play module’ ups power to 211hp and increases torque by 30Nm to 385Nm. This gives a 0 to 62mph time of 6.7 seconds. 

Then there’s the Eco PowerXtra D3 for the GLA 220CDI. This plug and play kit ups power and torque to 210hp and 410Nm, respectively, while decreasing the 0 to 62mph to eight seconds. Top speed, meanwhile, is upped to 137mph. 

Various Brabus extras make the B-badged GLA stand out. There’s a stainless steel sports exhaust with four chrome tailpipes that is said to produce a ‘sportier but never obtrusive’ exhaust note, Brabus front spoiler for the GLA AMG Line trim and 18 to 21-inch Brabus ‘Platinum Edition’ two-tone alloy wheels surrounded by a choice of high performance tyres.

There’s also undercar LED lighting to help you get in and out more easily in the dark, a rear spoiler, Brabus sports springs so the car rides 25mm lower or a lift kit that increases ride height by 30mm plus various other interior options to give your GLA a more personal touch including Alcantara seats. 

All Brabus GLA models come with a three-year / 62,000 mile warranty so you can enjoy the extra power and peace of mind. Assuming you can keep that extra performance under control. We’ve asked Brabus for prices.

Previous bonkers Brabus creations include the 838bhp Mercedes E63 AMG and the arguably more ridiculous 800 iBusiness 800hp SUV.

Brabus GLA pictures