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Brazilian police ram suspected drug plane off a runway in video

If you love a bit of Police, Camera, Action, then prepare your tiny mind for some serious combustion: Video has surfaced of Brazilian police ramming a suspected drug plane off a dirt track in order to prevent a getaway by suspected drug traffickers.

The story begins with police interrupting smugglers unloading 230kg of cocaine base paste from a light aircraft. Officers close in and can be heard shouting “Go, go, go! Let me get around him and I’ll close in on the plane.”

The cop car then accelerates towards the plane at speed. Gunshots can be heard ringing out, although it’s not clear whether it’s the bad guys or the police that are firing.

Seconds later, the police car crashes through the aircraft’s left elevator (that’s the little wing at the back) before picking up speed and hitting it with a precision immobilization technique (PIT) manoeuvre. In English, that basically means the cops rammed it as hard as they could in the rear quarter until it fishtailed off the runway. It’s a technique you’ve probably seen used numerous times on cars, but you’ve got to give props to these Brazilian cops for utilising it on an aircraft.

Police arrested five people in the assault.

This isn’t the first time Brazilian police have gone all out on camera to catch their man. Earlier this month, police in the region were recorded shooting a car from a helicopter in attempt to capture who they believe ‘looked like’ the notorious drug lord Márcio José Sabino Pereira, aka Mathmatician.

Watch the car-on-plane chase footage below. And never break the law in Brazil.

Via: Huffington Post


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