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Britain’s happiest drivers revealed

Britain’s happiest drivers are called Daniel or Wendy, live in Dumfries and Galloway and drive either a teal blue or yellow Skoda. That’s according to data from

The car buying website looked at car reviews from more than 650,000 British motorists and found the happiest drivers tend to be called Daniel, closely followed by Jack. Wendy and Jane tended to be the happiest female drivers.

Those who were the least happy with their car are Jamie and Wayne for the boys and Liz and Tracey for the girls. Colour was also a factor in driver satisfaction, with teal coming out as the colour that made drivers the most happy. Purple and brown, meanwhile, were found to be the least satisfying.

The data also found certain places had a greater number of happy motorists than others. Dumfries and Galloway came out top for drivers being content with their car, for instance, followed by Inverness and Sunderland. Rochester, Kent and Newcastle-upon-Tyne saw drivers not so pleased. 

Skoda was a favourite among drivers for a second year running. Mercedes-Benz came in second place for best manufacturer, while Audi scored third place. Maserati, Porsche and Fiat’s Abarth came first, second and third place, respectively, in the ‘most exciting to drive’ category.

Abarth performance brand was also given praise for being a ‘rising star’ in the happiness stakes. Meanwhile Lexus beat Bentley and Jaguar when it comes to ‘luxury’.

A spokesman for said: “Unlike other car awards, our data gives us the ability to find out why drivers are truly happy or unhappy – taking into account not just the make and model of car they own but also who they are, where they are and why they’re happy or unhappy with their vehicle.”

A survey from earlier in the year found the average motorist is happier when their car is clean. A small percentage were less inclined to crack out the bucket and sponge, insisting they would rather ‘boil their head’.

Certainly VW-owned Skoda makes some cracking cars, and where you live is going to have a bearing on your various factors associated with car ownership. But does your name really have an effect?