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Britain’s most lucrative speed camera revealed

There’s no need to wonder what the most lucrative speed camera is in Britain. Insurance broker LV has released the fruits of its research.

The speed camera is located in Cardiff on Newport road. It catches 71 drivers breaking the 30mph limit on average every single day of the year, equating to an estimated £808,410 in revenue from fines over the last six months alone.

This isn't Britain's busiest speed camera
This isn’t Britain’s busiest speed camera

A whopping 13,624 drivers have been prosecuted for speeding and 146 for jumping a red light, even though the camera has only been in operation since earlier in 2014 (it was actually installed in 2012). An average 16,000 motorists drive past it every day.

That makes the previous number one speed camera –  located on the M60 in Greater Manchester – and its average of 26 fines per day seem trivial.

Local motorists have vented their frustration in the wake of the research. Karen Lyshon told the Daily Mail: “It is ridiculous – I’ve been driving on that road every day for years without any problem whatsoever until this camera was put up. 

“It is nothing but a cash cow. It’s outrageous; the camera does nothing to improve safety on this road. It may be a busy stretch but it’s perfectly safe. I didn’t notice the camera going up, I got caught doing 34mph and I had to pay £85 for a speed awareness course.” 

The speed camera’s operator, GoSafe, said drivers were at fault. “Motorists should comply with the relevant speed limit, which is there for a reason. The revenue from speeding fines is returned back to the government and not the partnership. There is a simple message – cameras are in place to save lives not to make money.”

Motorists familiar with the area say there is no 30mph sign prior to the camera, making it difficult to know what speed they should be doing. Reports say Cardiff City Council is building two new 30mph signs.

A controversial report from 2013 found that some speed cameras actually increased the number of collisions. The highest speed clocked by a speed camera is currently 149mph.


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