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Brits most keen on German drop-tops

It seems Brits are flocking to Auto Trader in their masses to get themselves a convertible for the summer ─ and the majority are swayed by something German.

German cars represent the top ten convertibles most searched on the new and used car website Auto Trader. The most popular is the BMW 3 Series, which has racked up 558,487 searches in the last four weeks.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class, meanwhile, was looked up 153,958 times, leaving the Audi A5 to come in third with 128,130 searches. Four, fifth and sixth are taken up by three BMWs, the 1 Series (111,239 searches), 6 Series (102,817) and M3 (95,146), respectively.

Audi’s TT takes home seventh place, with 94,669 searches. Rounding off the top ten is the Mercedes-Benz CLK, with 83,653 searches, and the BMW Z4, with 55,641 searches.

Auto Trader market research director Nick King said: “The UK is the second largest market for convertibles in Europe, ironically behind Germany. But sales of convertible cars here account for more than in Spain, France and Italy combined.

“When the sun comes out, we can’t wait to share in the good weather – and it seems that more of us than ever see rather beautiful Germans as the way to do this out on the road.”

The order of the list seems to favour four-seater convertibles, which are infinitely more practical than a two-seater Z4. Exactly why there is so little love for non-German brands, however, is unclear. What’s wrong with the Mazda MX-5?

The UK represents the second biggest market for drop-tops in Europe behind Germany, suggesting our increasingly dry summers and disdain for rainy weather means we like to spend as much time as we can in the sun.

Convertibles may seem flash, but used car prices can be surprisingly low. A 2.5-litre Z4 Roadster, for instance, can be had for as little as £4,500 if you can cope with mileage heading towards 100,000 and the original shape.

Older cars are more likely to go wrong so it’s especially important to do your research on a forum to find out common problems and what ownership costs will be like. You may also be able to pick up a car that has really been taken care of from a member looking to upgrade.

Before you worry you might be labelled as a poser, a quarter of woman said they saw their ‘perfect man‘ in a convertible. Best strike quick as convertible prices will already be on the rise, folks.


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