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Brits turning their back on garages

It seems the days of the garage are numbered as 3.9 million homeowners have converted them into living space over the last twenty years.

Just 22 per cent of car owners use a garage to keep their car safe and three per cent in rented garage, according to a survey by Sainsbury’s insurance of 2,004 UK adults.

In fact, the most common reason for repurposing was to create a workshop, with 26 per cent of the vote. 20 per cent, meanwhile, turned their garage into an office and 16 per cent did it to extend the kitchen or living-room for more space.

Another 13 per cent turned the garage into a bathroom. Seven per cent made it an area for the kids to play, presumably because they were fed up with tripping over toys all the time.

51 per cent of those who repurposed their garage parked on their drive, 18 per cent left it parked on the street overnight, eight per cent used an allocated parking space and one per cent simply said ‘elsewhere’.

Parking your car in a garage can actually help with your insurance premium, as Sainsbury’s Car Insurance spokesperson Scott Gorman explained: “Overnight parking can affect the premiums you pay with some insurers. However Sainsbury’s Bank won’t base a premium on where your car is parked.”

Of course, some insurers will charge a greater premium for a number of reasons, including the fact you may damage your car while trying to park inside one and that thieves have as long as they want to try and break into a car once inside.


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