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Bugatti Chiron: No roadster version planned

Bugatti fans who want untold levels of horsepower and open-top motoring will need to look elsewhere as a roadster version has been ruled out. For now, anyway.

Bugatti board member and head of sales and marketing, Dr Stefan Brungs, was speaking to Autocar when he said the Chiron would only come as a coupe and that there would be “no roadster or convertible” version.

This is a radical departure from its Veyron predecessor, which had open-top options for the Grand Sport and Grand Sport Vitesse. Then again, it could be a cheeky way to help sell the 500 Chirons planned for production and increase the level of anticipation for a ‘limited edition’ roadster.

Brungs was also asked about a more powerful version of the Chiron, presumably for the unusually rich nutter who thinks 1,500hp is not enough. “We’re looking at different options for the car,” neither ruling out or confirming the possibility.

For now, Bugatti is solely focussing on shifting the 500 production cars, 15 of which have already been ordered by customers in the UK. Fun fact: 65 Veyrons are currently owned by UK motorists and we doubt Brexit will have much of an effect on Chiron sales.

The Bugatti Chiron costs an eye-wateringly expensive £1.9-million and that is before an average of £250,000 is spent on extras such as coloured carbon fibre trim, special sports wheels and the highly popular option of getting the family crest embroidered on the seats.

It features a heavily revised version of the 8.0-litre, quad-turbocharged W16 found in the Veyron, with an output of 1,479hp. 0-62mph takes 2.5 seconds and 0-124mph takes 6.5 seconds. From 0-186mph? A mere 13.6 seconds.

Bugatti hopes to have an attempt at bettering the Veyron’s production car world speed record of 268.4mph in 2018. Given the Chiron has a 7mph higher top speed and significantly more power, we reckon it has the potential ─ unless, of course, Hennessey sneaks in an official record first.


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