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Bugatti Veyron ‘Black Bess’ special edition is 24-carats of awesome

Special edition Veyrons rarely come as special as the gold-toting Black Bess Grand Sport Vitesse.

Bugatti has revealed another limited edition version of the Veyron. The Black Bess Grand Sport Vitesse is part of its ‘Legend Edition’ series. A price is yet to be confirmed, but you can bet it will be at least north of a million pounds.

Black Bess gets half of its name from the 1912 two-seater Type 18 roadster (also known as the Garros) because it was painted black, according to our friends at Top Gear.  Bugatti says the Type 18 was the first true sports car, thanks to a 100bhp 5.0-litre four-cylinder engine and a 100mph top speed.

The monochrome paintjob is complimented by gold on the front grille, filler flap and wheel caps. Usually a bit of gold paint or vinyl wrap would suffice, but this is one of the world’s most expensive and fastest supercars on the planet we’re talking about. The gold you see is actual 24-carat gold. Talk about bling.

The inside includes yet more of the rare metal plus a unique steering wheel with a red rim that is meant to nod towards the T18. There’s also a few ‘doodles’ of the T18 and an aeroplane on the door cards and rear cabin plus new leather finishes.

The aeroplane doodle signifies the fact Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti sold seven T18s after winning a hillclimb event at Mont Ventoux in 1912, one of which went to a man called Roland Garros. Garros owned a Morane-Saulnier Type H plane. So that explains the random plane, then.

The engine remains unchanged, as with other special editions. So expect 1,183bhp from a quad turbo engine, giving the car a top speed of 253 mph. Only three will be built and they are probably all accounted for already so exclusive is an understatement.

Previous Legend Series creations include the Veyron Meo Constantini.

The Bugatti Veyron Black Bess Grand Vitesse Sport will be on show at the Beijing motor show.

Bugatti Veyron Black Bess pictures


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