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Bugatti Veyron successor to replace canned Galibier

Four-door Bugatti Galibier and ‘super Veyron’ projects ruled out.

If you were hoping the four-door Bugatti Galibier concept first teased in 2009 would see the light of day, we bring sad news. Bugatti parent company VW said it had canned the project along with a proposed £5 million, 1,500bhp ‘Super Veyron’.

“The Galibier is officially dead. We won’t do it. In its place will be a second-generation Veyron with more power,” VW Group chief Martin Winterkorn told Autocar at a VW Golf R launch event.

Reports say the four-wheel drive Galibier, which was set to be a flagship product, had the Veyron’s W16 engine detuned to around 800bhp and would cost £900,000. Development setbacks meant a 2015/2016 launch was last mentioned by Bugatti.

Winterkorn also ruled out an ‘ultra-extreme’ version of the Bugatti Veyron that Autocar said would launch in 2014. Rumoured details of the now defunct ‘Super Veyron’ included 1,500bhp, a 200kg reduction in kerb weight over the Veyron Super Sport and a top speed of more than 280mph.

Technically a more powerful Veyron successor would be a pretty extreme vehicle in itself as it would undoubtedly weigh less, pack an even more mind-bending amount of horsepower and, in theory, could utilise the benefits of electric motors like the McLaren P1 supercar.

Whatever the Veyron’s successor turns out to be, you can bet your house it will be hugely expensive and ultra-rare. Not an option for us mere mortals, then, but you could always build one out of paper instead.


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