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Build your own Bugatti Veyron out of bits of paper

There isn’t a petrolhead alive that wouldn’t give their back teeth to own a Bugatti Veyron, but short of winning the lottery or selling your tender parts, it ain’t gonna happen. However, there’s now a relatively easy way to build yourself a replica Veyron out of a few bits of paper and some craft glue.

This astounding replica was created using ordinary letter paper.
This astounding replica was created using ordinary letter paper.

This 2.5-ft long model was assembled by paper folding guru Taras Lesko. Channelling his passion for contemporary origami, Lesko designed the paper car, printed it, cut the segments into 159 separate parts and painstakingly stuck them together over a period of 6 hours to form a not-quite-scale replica of the world’s most desirable hypercar.

The result is nothing short of epic, but surprisingly, almost anyone can create one for themselves. Taras has made the template publicly available for download, so anyone with a standard printer, some scissors, double sided tape and the patience of a saint can create one in their own home.

Those brave enough to attempt this feat will have to follow a few guidelines for best resuts. Taras recommends using 8.5×11-inch letter size 200gsm card stock paper with a matte finish, as glossy photo paper tends to crack when folded. It’s possible to cut the pieces using scissors, but you’re better off buying an electric silhouette SD USB cutting machine or similar. The bits can be stuck together using Tacky Craft Glue or an equivalent adhesive.

To download the template and have a go for yourself, head over to Taras’ Web site. Alternatively, you can save yourself the hell of a million paper cuts and simply watch the man himself creating the model Veyron in the video below.

When you’re done, go check out some of Taras’ other creations, including a paper Audi R8 inspired by Forza 3, a model of videogame character Viewtiful Joe and this truly incredible 7ft tall Gundam robot.



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