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Bus driver suspended for having sex in double decker

A bus driver has been suspended after he was discovered having sex in his double decker bus. The National Express Dundee driver stopped the bus along a secluded stretch of road used by buses only, switched off the lights and went upstairs with an unidentified passenger to ‘do the nasty.’

The driver was later embarassed to be reminded by his boses that all National Express buses are fitted with closed circuit television cameras and that they’d discovered footage of his salacious actions after a ‘routine review’ of the vehicle’s footage.

In an official statement, a National Express Dundee spokesman said: “We can confirm an incident took place on a 17 service involving a member of staff. The individual is suspended and the incident is currently the focus of an internal investigation.”

Speaking to the Daily Record, a source at the Dundee depot said: “It’s a bit embarrassing for the driver. He was on a remote run late at night and obviously wanted a bit of hanky-panky. We’re not sure if they knew each other. There wasn’t anyone else on the bus and by all accounts it only lasted a couple of minutes. It was described as a kiss and a cuddle.”

In 2010, a National Express Dundee driver was sacked after claiming to have been assaulted by kids throwing stones at his bus. He was later found to have hit himself over the head with a rock.

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