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Can the Aviva Drive app really make your car insurance cheaper?

Windows Phone Aviva Drive app joins the existing Android and iOS versions.

The Aviva Drive app has landed on Windows Phone, bringing with it the ability to save some money on your car insurance if you can prove you are worthy. There are, of course, a few catches.

The app uses the GPS ability built into a phone to monitor your driving habits. Over 200 miles it will work out how good a driver you are, with a score between one and ten awarded at the end. One being the worst, ten being the best.

It is possible to save up to 20 per cent on Aviva fully comprehensive driving insurance, depending on your score. Aviva says only 30 per cent of drivers will be deemed worthy enough for the full discount. Luckily anyone who scores above 3.1 (deemed ‘safer driving behaviour’) can get some sort of discount.

Score below 3.1 and you will be taken to a driving school and publically flogged. Only kidding. You get the standard fully comprehensive rate and probably some flak from anyone who knows you – there is no penalty for a low score.

Saving money is obviously the biggest plus, but the app can also encourage you to take more care in your driving by pitting you against your friends on a leaderboard. Digital badges can be won for performing certain tasks and it is possible to share your achievements over social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Aviva recommends ensuring your phone is held down while driving to prevent the extra movement from affecting your score. So make use of a phone holder if you have one.

What is interesting about the Aviva Drive app is that anyone can use it to see if they could actually save money while shopping around for the best car insurance deal. That is certainly more preferable to going for a black box telatics device that tracks and relays your every movement. Or lying to the broker.

Aviva Drive is one of a few apps out there that all do the same thing. MotorMate, for instance, is’s version. It, too, gives you a score after 200 miles of driving.

Aviva Drive is already available on the respective Android and iOS app stores. Or go here if you have a Windows Phone.

Any success with these insurance apps or were the quotes still too expensive? Let us know.


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