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Car buyers most concerned by price

A survey has revealed the 10 most common important considerations when buying a new car – and unsurprisingly price came out on top, but there were a few surprises.

The survey by car buying platform Carwow found UK motorists are most concerned about the price of a new ride when buying a new car, closely followed by fuel economy, no doubt because of high motoring costs.

Bizarrely the colour of a car came in third, closely followed by insurance grouping and cost and then safety. Sixth place, meanwhile, was performance and seventh was the manufacturer of a car, indicating badge snobbery is very much alive and well.

Eighth place was size, suggesting practicality is still a major concern but less than we would have assumed, while quality and engine size came out in ninth and tenth place, respectively.

August is the busiest month in the year for car research ahead of new registrations in September, Carwow explained in its findings.

Carwow CEO James Hind said: “We were most surprised to discover that performance, brand and design fall someway down the list of top considerations.

“Colour, on the other hand, which barely gets a mention in traditional car reviews, is actually the third most important thing for new-car buyers.”

If you are about to buy a new car, you might want to expect a smaller potential discount. Record high new car sales has meant dealers can afford to be more reserved with their discounts.

What are your most important considerations when buying a car?


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