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Drivers more likely to commit suicide than die in a car crash

Car crash-related deaths have fallen quite substantially, suggesting modern-day motors are far safer than their ancient counterparts.

You're more likely to kill yourself than die in a car crash.
You’re more likely to kill yourself than die in a car crash.

According to this research, so few people die behind the wheel that suicide has now surpassed car crashes as the leading cause of injury deaths, with poisoning, falls and murder coming in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively.

The figures suggest the plethora of safety features inside a modern-day car, such as improved airbags, seat belt pretensioners, electronic stability control, stronger materials and more effective crumple zones, are all very effective at keeping occupants alive and well in the event of a crash.

The news could also be attributed to the fact fewer people are driving older cars, which tend to be less safe. Many buyers see new cars as being more cost effective than used models, while schemes such as Cash for Clunkers have encouraged motorists to trade their old rust buckets for newer, safer models.

It could also be argued, however, that drivers simply have fewer opportunities to get themselves into trouble. Busier roads, a multitude of speed cameras and constant roadworks mean we can’t actually drive anywhere fast enough to die in a crash.

Over the same nine-year period, the number of suicide deaths increased by 15 per cent – 37,000 Americans took their own life in 2009 – and Rockett believes that figure could be 20 per cent higher.

Source: Daily Mail
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