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Car makers ‘rigging CO2 emissions tests’

Car manufacturers have been accused of manipulating emissions tests to achieve more favourable results, the European Commission has claimed.

According to a recent report published by the European Commission, car manufacturers have been doctoring test methods, which has led to CO2 emissions figures that are up to 11 per cent lower than drivers could possibly achieve in real-world driving conditions.

The report accuses manufacturers of using smaller wheels to optimise rolling resistance and fuel economy, testing cars with a fully charged battery and pre-conditioning their cars before testing, ensuring any gaps between body panels are taped over to reduce air resistance and ensuring components are fully up to temperature before the tests begin.

The manufacturers in question have also been criticised for using the same test track in spain which has ideal conditions to facilitate low CO2 emissions scores. It has been suggested the circuit has two opposing downhill sections, which helps get around a loophole that states the tests must be carried out in two opposite directions, though not necessarily on the same stretch of road.

No individual manufacturers were singled out, but the report indicates these practises are being utilised industrywide.

Surprised? Outraged? Happy the manufacturers are doing all they can do keep CO2 figures low because it means you pay less tax? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: Autoexpress

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