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Car narrowly avoids boulder the size of a house during mud storm

Here’s one guy that probably wishes he didn’t get out of bed in the morning. Newly-released dash cam footage has captured an extremely close call between a white saloon and a giant rock the size of a house.

This guy must have eaten an entire four-leaf clover salad for breakfast.
This guy must have eaten an entire four-leaf clover salad for breakfast.

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The action starts fairly innocuously with a pair of cars making their way through a rainstorm in Taiwan’s Badouzi Coastal Park. Everything seems fairly normal – there isn’t much standing water, people are walking by with umbrellas and there’s enough traffic on the road to suggest vehicles can cope with the deluge.

But pay close attention and you may spot a ginormous boulder on the hillside begin its rapid descent towards the road below.

As the lead car makes its way past that hillside, it encounters the start of the rock storm. Mud and stone rains down on the little saloon so viciously it’s pushed from its lane and into a lane of oncoming traffic. But that’s just as well because shortly after the initial blast, the Indiana Jones-sized boulder seen at the start of the video hits terra firma.

Everybody lives (we think) but things could have gone so much worse. Somebody must have been wearing their lucky rabbit’s foot. Watch the footage below.


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