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Car park lets customers pay with conkers

A car parking company with sites in Leeds and Manchester has started accepting payment in conkers.

No, don’t adjust your eyeballs; drivers who find themselves short of change, but strangely inundated with a surplus of horse chestnut seeds (WTF?) will be able to pay for their parking session without risk of embarrassment or retribution.

Each conker, regardless of size or condition, is valued at 20 pence and customers can fork over a maximum of fifty conkers in one go. In other words, you’ll need to make sure your parking session doesn’t cost any more than a tenner, otherwise they might ask you for some actual real money.

Why would any company being run by right-minded individuals do such a thing, you may conceivably ask? Staff at the parking company say they’ve introduce the scheme to evoke childhood memories and to ‘help the environment’. The company has stated that each conker collected will would be used to sponsor a UK forest in a bid to offset CO2 emissions caused by cars.

Fancy saving a bit of cash and the planet? Manchester dwellers can head to the Tariff Street car park, where 15 conkers will buy you an hour’s parking. Citizens of Leeds, meanwhile, can visit the Merrion Centre and Clarence Dock car parks in Leeds city centre.

Ben Ziff, MD of Town Centre Car Parks, told the Daily Mail: “Car emissions are on the rise throughout the country.

“We thought it would be a fun idea to raise awareness and give a little bit back.

“We all have fond memories of looking for conkers so this seemed like a great idea for our customers. We are looking forward to seeing how many people bring us.”

The conker promotion runs until September 22. Head to the Town Centre Car Parks website for more information.


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