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Car rolls into the sea after driver nips out to the toilet

A man was left feeling red-faced after forgetting to put the handbrake on while nipping to the toilet, which lead to his car rolling into the sea.

The unnamed driver got out of his green Seat Leon on the slipway at Hobbs Point, at which point it started on its course into Pembroke Dock in Pembrokeshire. A frightened male passenger quickly jumped out, leaving both to watch the car disappear into the estuary.

Emergency services were quickly called to the scene and it soon transpired the driver had forgotten to put the handbrake on and leave the car in gear. A concerned couple nearby spotted the car and called the police.

The car was eventually retrieved from its watery car park and pictures on the Bad Drivers Pembrokeshire Facebook page revealed serious water damage including mud all over the front seats, dashboard and steering wheel.

Some of the comments saw the funny side of the incident, with one saying: “And along came a traffic warden in a kayak.” Another added: “He’s been thinking about selling it on Pembrokeshire bay but he’s just testing the water.”

A spokesperson for the Mid and West Wales Fire Service said: “We were alerted to the incident by the police. When we arrived at the scene just after 11:30am the vehicle was fully submerged in water.

The spokesperson added: “There were no occupants in the car and everybody was safe.”

Probably best to put the handbrake on in future, lads.


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