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Car telematics box helps cops solve attempted murder case

Black Box telematics device plays role in the conviction of an attempted murderer.

The black box telematics device fitted to cars is meant to help reduce your car insurance premium by way of allowing insurance companies to track your driving habits, but it seems it has another important use. Information from a hire car driven by 32-year-old Daniel Paita lead to his conviction of attempted murder.

Mr Paita had driven to an address in Glasgow in February of 2013 where he cut the throat of 29-year-old Barry Divers. Fortunately Mr Divers survived the attack, owing to his jugular being cut but not severed. 

Investigators used the information from the telematics box, which works even when the engine is off, fitted to the Audi A3 courtesy car to place him at the scene of the crime at Ryseside Road at 2.15pm.

The data logged by the black box showed Mr Paita had visited his girlfriend for 30 minutes prior to the attack and had driven to his brother’s house afterwards.

The man used a courtesy car because his own car had been involved in a crash.

“It is extremely pleasing to have been an important cog in convicting an individual like this,” Asset Protection Unit anti-motoring fraud expert Neil Thomas commented. “It might never have happened at all had the device not been installed in his car.”

“They are able to generate data about the inner workings of a vehicle but also show its location at any time, which is a great help to us, the Police and victims if vehicles are used for criminal activity,” he added.

Mr Divers said he had known Mr Paita for 20 years. The jury heard there was a rift between Mr Drivers and Pait’s brother. The meeting of the two men was supposed to get things sorted out, but Paita turned up with a knife.

Mr Paita from Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire claimed innocence but was convicted of attempted murder.


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