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Car that racked up £18,000 in parking fines is finally impounded

Many of us are pretty rubbish when it comes to paying bills, but most of us pale in comparison to one motorist, whose brazenly clocked up a whopping £18,000 of parking fines in a Peugeot.

A rogue Peugeot in Portsmouth has racked up 220 parking tickets since Feb 2012
A rogue Peugeot in Portsmouth has racked up 220 parking tickets since Feb 2012

The rogue Pug has been issued with 220 fines since February 2012, none of which have been paid. However its days of illegal parking appear to be over, as the vehicle has finally been seized by enforcement officers at Portsmouth City Council.

Portsmouth’s transport councillor Jason Fazackarley said: “This is an extreme case which is why we have taken the necessary action to seize the vehicle after a blatant disregard by the owner.”

Authorities have the power to impound cars if the owner fails to pay three penalty notices without making contact. Why it’s taken this long for Portsmouth City Council to impound this particular vehicle is anyone’s guess. We suspect the authorities were quite happy to watch the outstanding total rise exponentially – they clearly didn’t have any trouble locating the thing, seeing as it kept popping up in areas frequented by parking wardens.

Portsmouth City Council plans to pursue legal action to recover the outstanding debt.

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