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Car thief busted after cops investigate ‘S20LUN’ vanity plate

A kingpin car thief was caught after cops stopped him with brazen ‘S20LUN’ (stolen) registration plate.

A stolen car operation’s top dog was jailed after police investigated his unusual personalised number plate. Shanwaz Khan rode around with the ‘S20LUN’ plate, which reads like ‘stolen’, prompting West Midlands police to investigate further. This led to a huge discovery of cars stolen to order.

Khan's 'S20LUN' plate was like waving a white flag
Khan’s ‘S20LUN’ plate was like waving a white flag

Investigating officers tracked the offensive plate on Khan’s Audi RS4, only to discover the car parked with a group of Mercedes Benz vehicles, all of which had been reported stolen. Subsequently, the police launched an investigation into Khan. He was eventually found to be heading up a gang stealing cars and shipping their parts abroad to unsuspecting eBay customers.

The lucrative operation amassed Khan over £1 million of assets, uncovered when his home and lock-ups were raided in October 2012. The court heard that Khan’s gang were responsible for 82 vehicle thefts, including several carjackings. One man was dragged from his car in a petrol station so the gang could swipe his Ford Focus ST. The group is said to have favoured Audis and BMWs.

The gang, which included members of Khan’s family, used false documentation and a various storage facilities across the West Midlands to hide their criminal activity. All members received jail time for their involvement in the operation.


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