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Cardboard Ferrari Testarossa is a supercar on a very small budget

Owning a Ferrari is a dream for many of us but sadly only the wealthiest among us will ever make that dream a reality. One desperate dreamer, however, decided that if he couldn’t buy a Ferrari, he’d make the next best thing*.

The result is a cardboard cut-out of the Ferrari Testarossa, which Lyon-based French artist Benedetto Bufalino crafted and stuck to his humble Aixam city car. In its standard guise, the Axiam can manage a mere 45mph ─ somewhat short of the Italian supercar’s 180mph top speed.

It’s far from perfect — the bonnet covers the headlights and tail lights for a start, so the police would probably take a dim view if this thing were driven through the city of Lyon at night. And god help him if it rains. At least the air vents and paintjob are reasonably accurate, though.

The Lyon-based artist chose to use cardboard boxes for the 1980s Ferrari instead of metal. It’s not clear how long it took to build or how much it cost, but the artist is more than happy to cruise about in what must be the cheapest Ferrari replica ever.

Previous work from Bufalino includes a police car converted into a chicken hutch, cardboard Yamaha sans paintjob and what appears to be an up-turned Renault 5 converted into a giant plant pot.

Cardboard seems to be a hot topic in motoring these days. The Chinese are using it to build replica police vans to deter speeders, while 23-year-old artist Taras Lesko set about creating a cardboard cut-out of the Lamborghini Aventador interceptor police car inspired by the Need for Speed videogame series.


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