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Cases of women caught drink-driving nearly doubles

Drinking and driving is becoming more common among the ladies. That’s according to a study by insurance broker Direct Line, which found the number of cases has doubled over the last 15 years.

Just 9 per cent of convictions were committed by women in 1998. That figure reached 17 per cent in 2012, with 17 per cent of female motorists admitting they believed they had driven while over the limit in the past year alone.

Middle class drinking habits are said to be to responsible, with breakdown company the AA claiming UK mothers are having a glass of wine or two at lunchtime, before the school run or having a bottle the night before. 

“There perhaps needs to be dedicated campaign to highlight the growing risk from female drink-drivers. There are more women drivers than ever before and at the same time women are socialising much more than they did 20 years ago,” AA head of road policy told the Telegraph. 

He went on to admit the rise could be attributed to common driving habits. “It may well be that females are driving males home when they’ve been out to a dinner party and they are taking the hit.” 

Nearly 60 per cent of ladies said they were unaware of what the legal drink-drive limit was (80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood), while the majority thought they were able to handle more alcohol than the ‘average women’.

A third of respondents said they thought drink-driving was acceptable if they drove carefully. 17 per cent, meanwhile, said family emergencies meant there was no other alternative but to take to the wheel. 59 per cent said they drove home after drinking because they felt okay.

“The issue of women and drink-driving is rarely addressed, but when we look at the figures, we can see that this is a real issue,” Direct Line managing director of claims Steve Maddock commented.

A study in late 2013 found those from the country were twice as likely to drink and drive.


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