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Cat survives 160-mile journey in an engine bay

They say cats have nine lives, which means a feline named Darcy is now down to eight after surviving a long drive while stuck in the engine bay of a car.

Darcy is thought to have climbed into the engine bay of a Mercedes on a rainy day and was trapped there for the duration of a 160-mile drive from Cannock in Staffordshire to Manchester and back.

The neighbour took the car to Fix Auto in Lichfield three days later after the engine warning light had come on. At first the garage as unable to find the source of the problem, but they did notice a burning smell when taking the car out for a drive.

At this point, Fix Auto technician Lee Langley opened the bonnet and saw a pair of eyes looking back at him and Darcy’s fur wrapped around the alternator.

Langley told the Mirror newspaper:  “The poor thing looked petrified. We discovered him deep within the engine bay.” Staff then called the RSPCA to help with the rescue.

The owner of the cat, Christine Evans, said the cat must have tried to avoid the rain by climbing into the engine bay of her neighbour’s car and was unable to get back out.

Luckily for everyone involved, Darcy survived with only a burnt tail and is said to be recovering well. Evans added: “When he got home, he acted as though nothing had happened. We are so happy to have him back.”

This is one of many stories about felines going on unwanted trips. A cat called Princess ended up stuck in her owner’s BMW convertible for two weeks back in 2013. Another ended up inside a truck for 28 miles in Pennsylvania of New Jersey and was unharmed.

Although there is no way to really stop a determined moggy from finding warm shelter inside your car, it’s probably best to pop the hood and take a look or beep the horn if in doubt.


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