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Chinese man buys car with five tons worth of coins

A man has paid for his new car using thousands of pennies.

Time is money. Nobody will appreciate this saying more than a Chinese car dealeship, whose staff spent several hours counting pennies after a customer attempted to pay for his new car with around £9,537 worth of coins.

Money money money....
Money money money….

The man entered the dealership in Liaocheng, Shandong province with over five tons of coins in plastic bags. The manager of the dealership agreed to accept the payment for the 100,000 yuan (£9,537) vehicle in one-yuan denominations. He then summoned all staff to help count the money.

In a bizarre turn of events, he then got bored of waiting for staff to count the change half way through and produced a bank card to settle the remainder of the uncounted balance.

Dealership staff spent the entire morning counting and had only reached 50,000 yuan by lunchtime. After hanging around watching movies and dozing, the man impatiently declared the staff could stop and produced his bank card. The man reportedly claimed he was also shopping for other cars at other dealerships and could use the remaining coins there. 

To make matters even more frustrating, the dealership is only able to deposit the coinage with the bank in 2000-yuan increments. The manager should consider himself lucky though. Back in 2007, one guy in Indiana paid for a Dodge Ram with $26,000 (£15,459) worth of small change. As no bank would take the change at the counter, an armoured vehicle had to pick it up directly from the dealership.


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