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Chris Brown spray paints girlfriend’s Porsche Panamera

If there’s anyone capable of winding women up the wrong way it’s Chris Brown. Not content with laying hands on former girlfriend Rihanna, the R&B crooner has pissed off his new squeeze, Karrueche Tran, by vandalising her Porsche Panamera with graffiti.

Ms Tran looks less than impressed with Chris Brown's handiwork.
Ms Tran looks less than impressed with Chris Brown’s handiwork.

Model Karrueche recently came home to discover her white Porsche daubed with gaudy red and blue monsters, sprayed directly onto its paintwork. Needless to say, she was far from impressed, tweeting “This is what the f*** I come home to lmao this n**** man.”

A picture, posted on Tran’s Instagram feed, revealed her looking less than happy with Brown’s antics.

This isn’t the first time the sometimes rapper, sometimes R&Ber has flexed his artistic muscles onto expensive property. His last foray into graffiti art landed him in trouble with his local council. Brown was ordered to paint over the neon monsters he’d sprayed onto the front of his expensive Los Angeles home after neighbours complained.

Tran probably shouldn’t moan too much. We assume Brown bought her the car in the first place and he has plenty of cash to get the thing re-painted. However with no city authorities to force its hand, there’s no telling how long Tran might have to wait for the car to be returned to its original state.



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