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Citroen DS3 Cabrio Racing is one hot drop top

Citroen has created a mashup of the DS3 Cabrio and the DS3 Racing. The result, funnily enough, is the DS3 Cabrio Racing concept.

The DS3 Cabrio Racing concept borrows the 202bhp 1.6-litre engine from the DS3 Racing model, along with its specially optimised wheels, suspension and steering, so it’ll shift – it’ll do 0 to 62mph in around 6.9 seconds.

To keep it distinguishable from run-of-the-mill DS3 variants, the DS3 Cabrio Racing has been fitted with a carbon fibre kit and is finished in a bespoke ‘Moondark’ matt grey paint job.

Gloss black 19-inch alloy wheels and black, carmin red brake callipers and wheel hubs and chrome inserts on the door handles, boot trim and door mirrors complete the unique exterior styling.

The inside of the DS3 Cabrio Racing is a bit special. Its bucket seats are comprised of three types of fabric – ordinary leather, high-grade napa leather and Alcantara – all topped by fancy pearl top stitching. There’s even a baby bucket seat for infants in the rear.

Cabrios are usually heavier than hard tops because of additional strengthening required to maintain rigidity, and the same is true of the DS3 Cabrio Racing. However, the difference between the Cabrio Racing and its hatchback brother is a palatable 25kg — not enough to have a serious impact on its handling or performance.

The new hatchback is currently only a concept, but head over to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend and you can see it in the flesh.

There’s no word on whether this particular concept will make it to production. But with a bit of toning down (especially removal of the pricey carbon fibre bits) there’s every chance it could find its way to a showroom near you.  

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